Banff Green Hotel

When we all work together we can help the environment by making small changes. Banff Voyager Inn encourages visitors to help us become an environmentally friendly hotel. Below we offer some suggestions that will help us lower our environmental impact on the earth.

  • When you leave the room, turn off the lights.
  • Consider turning down the heat when you retire for the night, and/or when you leave the room.  
  • Please conserve water. Don’t run taps unnecessarily.
  • Try to keep all patio and entrance doors closed during the winter months.
  • Please do not store food on your balconies. This is a town bylaw that helps protect wildlife.


You can also help us to conserve water by using your towels more than once. This helps by reducing the amount of detergents going into our water system. It also decreases water and energy consumption. Be kind to our planet!